No, there wasn’t a tornado this morning. Your phone is a liar.

Your cell phone probably told you to 'check media', so here you are

Tornado Funnel Cloud

Tornado sirens sounded across Missouri and Kansas this morning and many cell phone users received emergency alerts urging them to seek shelter. If you didn’t watch the news this morning you might have been concerned, like many on social media are.

Not to worry, it was just a scheduled drill. The sirens and weather alerts were part of multi-statewide tornado drills. The National Weather Service advised citizens to use the sirens as an opportunity to plan and execute a tornado drill, but for those of us who were unaware of the test it was all too realistic.

It probably would have been nice if the cell phone alerts would have mentioned it was just a drill, and not the real deal. The National Weather Service Kansas City is looking into the reason for the misleading cell phone notifications.

Regardless, you can put your storm chaser gear down or come out of the basement. It’s just another day in the Midwest.

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