No sobriety checkpoints at the Power & Light District! Woo!

Sgt. Rod Podraza, supervisor of the Kansas City Police Department‘s DUI Section, sends out regular e-mails alerting folks of upcoming sobriety checkpoints. They no longer specify where the checkpoint is going to be, but no matter: There are standard places where the KCPD, with the help of the Highway Patrol, tends to set up shop. Though this graph is a few years out-of-date, the intersections listed here still represent the usual spots:

But now that the Power & Light District is the hot spot for imbibing adults — who sometimes can’t get a cab — how many sobriety checkpoints are the police setting up along the arteries leading out of the entertainment district?

None, it turns out.

“Negative on targeting Power and Light,” Podraza wrote in an e-mail to The Pitch. “When and if DUI arrests or DUI related crashes are determined to be a problem there we will certainly address that area. P and L has not been in operation long enough to present a statistical DUI problem.”

There haven’t been enough drunks leaving the P&L to merit a sobriety checkpoint? I’m not trying to be the kid in class who reminds the teacher that he forgot to assign homework, but come on — I’ve seen the traffic cones set up outside of Westport, the Plaza and 39th and Main a zillion times. Where’s P&L’s fair share?

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