NKC garners national attention for removing two LGBTQ books from libraries


The covers of Fun Home and All Boys Aren't Blue

The covers of Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel, and All Boys Aren’t Blue, by Geroge M. Johnson

Four school libraries North Kansas City and Liberty have so far opted to ban two LGBTQ-themed books from their catalog. 

“Fun Home,” a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel that follows a father and daughter as they come to terms with their mutual queerness, and “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” a collection of essays on the Black gay adolescent experience by George M. Johnson are the titles in question. 

These works were removed from the North Kansas City, Oak Park, Staley, and Winnetonka high school libraries following a complaint from Northland Parent Association president Jay Richmond in a North Kansas City School Board Association meeting. 

It is unclear why Johnson and these groups of parents deemed it necessary to take such action, though it surely involves a supple touch of fear and repression. 

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