Nighthawks at the Diner

Ah, the power of cotton-Lycra blends. Modern technology allots us comfortable wash-and-wear separates, minus the metal boning and the itchiness of the girdles and wool suits of yesterday. Though this is righteous, we’ve turned into a society of jeans-and-T-shirt slobs. No more gussying up. No more Sunday best. No more white tea gloves or silk-lined chapeaus.
Well, the folks at Nighthawks Coffeehouse (5815 Johnson Drive in Mission, 913-384-200) say phooey to that. Every Thursday, they invite coffee quaffers to participate in Fedora Day. If you don a hat (no ball caps, fools), you get 10 percent off your drink between 2 and
6 p.m. Employee Michael Hogan says the idea stemmed from owner Brian Koon, who always sports a fedora. “There’s a nail on the wall, and whether or not the hat’s there is how you know if the boss is in the house,” Hogan says. If you like your coffee with cream and a touch of class, Nighthawks is your place.

Thursdays, 2007