Nicknames need to improve, uh, Hilly

It was exciting to glance at Bob Dutton’s recap of the Royals’ come-from-behind win Tuesday night and see the name “Zeus.” Finally, a Royal with a cool nickname!

But then, upon closer reading, it became evident that “Zeus” had not been assigned to a player who, say, has white flecks in his beard. It’s simply a truncated form of DeJesus, as in David.

The Royals are an improved ballclub, and it’s high time the players and coaches put more thought into the names they use for each other (at least in public). Listen to manager Trey Hillman. Bench coach John Gibbons is “Gibby.” Catcher John Buck is “Bucky.” Pitching coach Bob McClure is “Mac.” Pitcher Brian Bannister? Yep, “Banny.”


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