Next Wednesday’s Surprise Show at the Record Bar

You know that spot where they always stick a little funny phrase or something in the corner of the Record Bar ads that run in the newspaper this fine website is part of? In the upper left hand of the current ad is the number “1901.” I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that. However, it’s especially curious considering the “Everyone Loves Surprises” show on the club’s calendar for Wednesday, June 24.

Now, “1901” just happens to be the current hit single from France’s Phoenix, and if you glance at the tour itinerary on the band’s MySpace page, Phoenix is playing Minneapolis on the 23rd, and Denver on the 25th. Kansas City falls right in between.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Still, it can’t hurt to take a look at their performance from Letterman the other night and hope that you get to see something like it within the intimate confines of the Record Bar come next Wednesday.

MP3: Phoenix, “1901”

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