Newsweek crowns Kris Kobach ‘America’s Deporter In Chief’

Locally, everybody knows Kris Kobach. He’s the granite-jawed savior of states struggling with large illegal-immigration populations that the federal government is too sheepish or ham-fisted to properly handle. Or he’s the evil, scheming, nativist brown-people hater fixated on getting damnable aliens out of America’s backyard. Whatever you think of him, you know who he is.

Nationally, however, Kobach isn’t quite a household name. Folks in Chicago and Bangor probably aren’t discussing Kobach’s “papers, please” philosophy and shadowboxing with Kansas’ nonexistent voter-fraud problems. But thanks to a solid profile in Newsweek, Kobach might be ready to make the jump to national anti-illegal celebrity. Maybe his handprints will be immortalized on the sidewalk outside FAIR’s headquarters.

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