New true crime themed pop-up bar coming to Westport


Courtesy Alibi’s Facebook page

Alibi: a true crime bar, is a pop-up coming to Westport for the summer. Located next to Yard Bar, the pop-up will open in May and provide a space for true-crime enthusiasts to have some boozy fun. 

The crime-themed bar will provide appropriately themed cocktails, crime headline-related art, true crime trivia, and table games. Alibi is a welcome relief to those who have spent the last year binging true-crime shows and listen to My Favorite Murder on repeat. If that’s you, you’ll be in good company here.

[Seriously guys, put in a jukebox with nothing but murder pod episodes on it. Maybe a tv just playing Night Stalker on repeat. The entire staff of The Pitch will just start living there.]

The pop-up is run by Ian Cameron, Scott Helling, and Terra Hess, with creative assistance from Kayley Curiel and Zach McKenzie. This team has run plenty of successful themed pop-ups in the past—including a Halloween pop-up that might have some macabre competition with Alibi.

Check out the video trailer here.

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