New Ssion Video: “Ah Ma”

Cody Critcheloe and Drew Bolton of the Ssion have sspun video gold once again. The product this time is far more sinister than their previous opus, a dance-party-themed video for Tilly and the Wall’s “Beat Control.”

In the video for the Ssion’s slow, dubby and sleazy maternal address “Ah Ma,” Critcheloe gives a lady, presumably his ma (played by KC Mag editor Chadwick Brooks), a messy dye job that leaves her looking tres punk. The change to color at the video’s climax, along with Critcheloe’s depraved admission, I only walk like a fag ’cause of all of my blisters/And I only fuck girls ’cause you and dad never gave me a sister, make this one worth watching to the end.




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