New Roseline MP3, CD-Release Party


MP3: The Roseline, “Structure Fire”

The Roseline‘s second, anti-materialistic album, Lust for Luster, is alt-country gold. Maybe that’s cliched, but think about it: when’s the last time you heard the phrase? Maybe it was when Jeff and Jay dressed up like clowns, hit each other in the faces with pies, then got hosed off by Ryan Adams driving a mini firetruck? Nope — that incident was what we call alt-country comedy gold.

With No Depression kaput and fewer and fewer bands out there working the genre — a genre that has produced some of the best American songwriters of the past 25 years, mind you — news that a band from Lawrence is kicking ass at alt-country oughta be comforting news. But you don’t like “gold.” OK, then, how about “butter”? Whatever the case, “Structure Fire” oughta clog the veins a little with some rich ‘n twangy you-know-what.

Pick up a copy of Lust for Luster when the Roseline plays its CD release this Friday night, April 25, at the Jackpot Music Hall in Lawrence with openers the Fourth of July and Arthur Dodge. (Clicke here for our preview and to stream the title song.)

Here’s to one day seeing the Roseline alongside Jeff, Jay, Ryan, Mark Olson and all those other lovable clowns on a Time-Life infomercial. Gold, baby.

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