New research shows the effects of redlining on KC during the pandemic

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The historic redlining map of Kansas City. Courtesy of University of Richmond “Mapping Inequality.”

Jamie Smith Hopkins, an editor at The Center for Public Integrity, in collaboration with The Kansas City Star and Mother Jones, recently released an article about the lingering effects of redlining in Kansas City.

Specifically, Hopkins examines how the structural inequality that stems from redlining affected Black business owners and their access to PPP loans during the pandemic. There is a large disparity of COVID-19 relief given to Kansas Citians. Predominately white, economically stable neighborhoods were afforded much more PPP funding than Black communities that were historically divested from. Redlining may be technically illegal, but its grip is still strong in Kansas City, as this article shows.

Head to The Center for Public Integrity to dive into the article. It should be required reading.

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