New Music Monday: Watch the (kinda creepy) music video for ‘Clever Work’ by Sie Lieben Maschinen

Steve Tulipana — co-owner of RecordBar and MiniBar, musician about town — has a newish project with his former Season to Risk bandmate Josh Newton called Sie Lieben Maschinen (“she loves machines” in German). You might have missed the duo’s excellent debut record, June Gloom, in January, but you definitely shouldn’t let the music video for “Clever Work” pass you by. 

Released on Saturday, the video features some pretty disturbing, oddball found footage video clips. “Clever Work” is one of Sie Lieben Maschinen’s creepier (though still totally catchy and awesome) songs, so this makes total sense. On the other hand, now that we think about it, maybe don’t watch the video if you’re easily grossed out. Things get a little weird. 

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