New Music Monday: Listen to ‘Balance’ by Bonzo Madrid

Welcome to a new, informal series: New Music Monday. Once a week or so, we’ll supply you with a new, local tune to jam out to. Because who needs to get work done? Not you, friend. Not you. 

Kicking things off is a new track from C.J. Calhoun, aka Bonzo Madrid, called “Balance.” The song introduces itself with a rainstick intro, which gives way to heady electronic beats and drums (thanks to Calhoun’s former Cowboy Indian Bear bandmate, Beau Bruns) for a sultry, sticky rhythm.

Calhoun’s voice curves around these sounds, a little hazy, a little melancholy. It suits this muggy Monday perfectly, and it also serves to prime us for the (still untitled) debut Bonzo Madrid album in the fall. (“Balance,” by the way, is one of Calhoun’s bonus tracks — it won’t be appearing on the album.)

Listen below, and don’t feel bad about playing it on repeat. 

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