New Free Album from thePhantom*, U:Move’s Treasure Fingers Q&A

And it’s free, too. Indeed, continuing in the trend of local hip-hoppers giving away their homespun releases for free download to receptive headphones (see also: MilkDrop and G-Train, among others, I’m sure) is young lion thePhantom*, with his latest, Phantastic: Hummingbird Grooves For The Neo​-​Conscious Mind. He set up a dedicated site using Bandcamp at, where you can stream and download the tracks and play with the funky visualizer thing.

Except for the track that samples Emiliana Torrini (!) on vocals, Hummingbird is all instrumental, a hybridization of hip-hop and IDM that works quite well actually — kind of like if Kanye and Thievery Corporation collaborated on some beats.

Just add flow. Or don’t. It’s kinda sweet like it is.

Treasure Trove

In other beatastic news, U:Move has posted a really good Q&A with NYC-via-Atlanta drum ‘n bass and disco-house DJ Treasure Fingers, who’s coming to Mosaic Thursday, May 28, with Norrit and Spinstyles.

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