New Folk Implosion


Reconstituted after cofounder John Davis dropped out of the old Folk Implosion in 2001, the New Folk Implosion includes cofounder Lou Barlow, his former Sebadoh bandmate Russell Pollard and Pollard’s bandmate in Alaska!, Imaad Wasif. That’s confusing, but it was much more so before, which is why Barlow decided to simplify matters. With only one plate spinning, he’ll no longer be confined by wondering under which heading to release his material. Here, Barlow’s extreme lo-fi sensibilities and beat-savvy pop hooks meet in the middle while dropping the previous Implosion incarnation’s experimental electronic element. As for Pollard and Wasif’s own debut, Alaska!‘s Emotions opens with shimmering cascades of guitar, then reveals its charms when it backs down from grand gestures and moves into ragged rock.

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