New D/Will video, “The Seen,” gets blog love.

Congrats to KC rapper and producer D/Will for premiering his latest video today on the blog 2DopeBoyz, a web project-slash-division of OkayPlayer (the Roots’ label). “The Seen” is one of the first singles off Will’s upcoming release, The Battery Effect, due out June 23. The video was produced by Vashon Middleton for Pyramidwest Productions.

Stupid anecdote only I find funny: Last night at the Scion Lab, Miles Bonny was telling me something about D/Will, and at that very moment, he appeared in the doorway of the venue. “Speak of the D/Will…,” I said. And laughed and laughed. (I told that to, like, five different people, and they looked at me with shrinking non-response.)

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