New Chiefs’ GM gets average grades for draft

Remember when everyone thought Scott Pioli was bulletproof? It only took one NFL Draft for the experts to start questioning the new Carl Peterson. Arrowhead Pride has a great recap of the report cards given to Pioli by the experts and they’re, uh, not great.

Randy Covitz from The Kansas City Star gave the Chiefs a C+ (one of the better grades).

The new regime is trying to undo all the mistakes the

franchise has made in the defensive line during the last seven seasons.

Jackson and Magee fit the mold of big, strong New England-type

defensive linemen. Don’t forget QB Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel

represent the second-round pick.

CBS Sports‘ Pete Prisco was less than ecstatic about first-round pick Tyson Jackson but liked picking cornerback Donald Washington in the third round and tackle Colin Brown in the fifth round. Prisco gave the Chiefs a C for the weekend.

USA Today‘s Larry Weisman also gave the Chiefs a C, jumping on the why-the-hell-didn’t-you-take-Aaron-Curry bandwagon.

The best grade, a B-, came from Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald in Chicago. LeGere liked the defensive additions.

At least a C average is still passing.

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