New art shows to partake in, all through March

Brandon Forrest Frederick

Photo by Brandon Forrest Frederick

Have you ever seen an art exhibit that just floored you? You couldn’t stop thinking about it on the drive home, or days later, and even now, months or years later, you think: That show!! It really did something. Rearranged how you think about the world in some way. Maybe, just maybe, one of the shows opening this month could do that for you too. Only one way to find out.

As Seen on TV

Imagine That!

All hail the television gods! Since, well, their influence is ever pervasive. Who we are is, in part, defined by what we watch. In this group exhibition, Imagine That! artists are inspired by all things pop culture.

Opening reception, Friday, March 6, 6pm-9pm. 2010 McGee.

Rachel Hubbard Kline: Symbiosis

Cerebra Gallery

Have you ever seen a flock of quilters descend upon a fellow quilters’ estate sale? I have. It is a sight to behold. Quilt patterns and legacies are powerful. Hubbard Kline embeds the designs of quilts passed down from her grandmother into her ceramic works. This and other historical motifs appear in her work to explore domesticity and the function of objects past and present.

Opening reception, Friday March 6, 6pm-9pm. 2011 Baltimore.

Kellie Rae Adams: Forever in Your Debt

Belger Crane Yard Studios

I’ve got about $50,000 in student debt, personally. I bet Kellie Rae Adams has student debt, too. Their spacious, interactive installation of 600 stoneware bowls functions as a commentary on the realities of student debt in America. Bring your loose change.

Opening reception, Friday March 6, 6pm-9pm. 2011 Tracy Ave.

Brandon Forrest Frederick: Diminishing Returns

Kiosk Gallery

Advertisements. Consumerism. The American Dream. Brandon Forrest Frederick is calling out those bogeymen of capitalism in his artist statement for Diminishing Returns. The show’s title itself nods to our socioeconomic realities, explored in the show with photographs, found objects, and social media excerpts. Expect bright colors and incisive vision.

Opening reception Friday, March 20, 6pm-9pm. 1600 Gennessee.

Hot Hands: A Live Drawing Fundraiser for Front/Space

Imagine That!

One of the best visual arts happenings in Kansas City–nay, the world!–is back for its fifth year running: over 30 artists draw live for four hours, and you can buy their artwork on the spot for $30. It’s a roiling, joyous spectacle. The proceeds go to fund Front/Space, one of Kansas City’s few remaining artist-run spaces…that is actually without a space after their Crossroads rent got too expensive last year. Their work of hosting brilliant and provocative art exhibitions continues nomadically, or, perhaps in a new space. Go give ‘em your dollars.

Saturday, March 26, 6pm-10pm. 2010 McGee St.

Studios Inc. Group Exhibition

Studios Inc.

Studios Inc. presents work from their resident studio artists each year. The nonprofit serves “mid-career” artists by providing three year residencies and support towards their goals. A nice outing if you want to see a lot of accomplished, local artists in one place. Their current line-up is: Patty Carroll, Lori Raye Erickson, Judith G. Levy, Kathy Liao, Marie Bannerot McInerney, Yoonmi Nam, Benjamin Rosenthal, Emily Sall, Kevin Townsend, and Susan White.

Opening reception Friday, March 13, 6pm-9pm. On view through April 17. 1708 Campbell St.

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