Nerd Nite celebrates its 100th gathering with Sept. 13 bash


On Wednesday, Sept. 13th Lawrence will host the 100th Nerd Nite—an evening full of presentations, trivia, raffles, and drinks. The event, which will be hosted at 1031 New Hampshire St., begins at 8:00 p.m. with doors opening at 7:30 p.m. Entry costs just one dollar. Presentations for Nerd Nite are around twenty minutes in length, and topics range from video games to sustainable farming, history, and much more.

The first Nerd Nite was hosted Nov, 2011 and has since blossomed into a community staple, taking place every second Wednesday of the month. “Nerd Nite has always been one of my favorite events because listening to someone talk about a topic they are passionate about can make anything a joy to learn,” says Nerd Nite co-boss Skyler Rehm.

“One of the cool things is that you never really know what someone is going to come out with, really the only rule is that it is within the 20-minute time limit,” Said Nerd Night co-boss Will Averill.

If unable to attend, there will be live updates on Twitter using the hashtag #NNLFK.

For a night filled with beer and education, it doesn’t get much better than this. The 100th Nerd Nite will release its theme soon with presentation content to follow. For more information and to look at previous Nerd Nites, check out Nerd Nite on their website, YouTube page or get live Twitter updates using the hashtag #NNLFK. “Be there and be square.”

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