Nashville flood proves to rightbloggers: Obama hates America, white people

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Even if you don’t know much about rightbloggers, you probably know that

since time immemorial conservatives have blamed the nation’s problems

and Democratic Administrations on something called the Liberal Media.

This nefarious press syndicate (of which the Village Voice is considered a charter member) has since WWII managed

to elect six Democratic U.S. Presidents, drive Richard Nixon from

office, fluoridate our drinking water, and give the Pulitzer Prize to homosexuals.

At great peril to themselves, rightbloggers have manfully sought to

reverse the Liberal Media’s victories. And in their eyes, one of the

Liberal Media’s most ignominious victories has been Hurricane Katrina.

Rightbloggers believe the Liberal Media unfairly exploited that event to

make President Bush look bad, paving the way for President ObamaHitler.

They have since prayed ceaselessly to Reagan and Ayn Rand for a way to

redress this historic indignity.

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