My Summer Vacation Partying with Head East in Omaha


I was in an Omaha Comfort Inn & Suites when I spotted the man from this photo.

He was wearing a sleeveless, gray Kansas City Royals shirt and talking with a biker-looking dude.

“Check out Vince Neil,” I whispered to a friend. We giggled while signing for our room.

I was in Omaha for my friends Brandan and Maggie’s wedding. The reception was at the Comfort Inn. When the reception ended at midnight, we weren’t finished partying. So we headed for the hotel bar, the ambitiously named Firewater Grille. It was karaoke night, and the bride, still in her dress, hopped on stage, slipped on some shades and nailed every lyric to “The Humpty Dance.”

“Let’s get stupid!” she demanded.

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