My Shark Places

MON 6/20
Though the Farallon Islands are just 20 miles from downtown San Francisco, it takes months of bureaucratic wrangling and several hours by boat to actually set foot on them. Long declared off-limits to everyone but a few biologists, the Farallons and their shark season, when dozens of great white sharks bigger than buses return to feed on the seals who make the jagged rocks their home, had long intrigued Susan Casey. After she secured a pass onto the islands, Casey’s curiosity quickly turned into an obsession that would cost her thousands of dollars but give her rare access to one of the few unspoiled shark territories in the world. In addition to reading from and signing her new book, The Devil’s Teeth, at 7 p.m. Monday at Unity Temple on the Plaza (707 West 47th Street), Casey will present a slide show of blood slicks and huge shark fins. Tickets are available by purchasing the book at Rainy Day Books (2706 West 53rd Street in Fairway). Call 913-384-3126.— Christopher Sebela

Wrap Star

THU 6/16
People who say it’s what’s on the inside that counts have never received a gift from Aesthetica. The Crossroads District shop (1817 Wyandotte) is full of cool stuff we didn’t know we needed — elegant vases, minimalist lamps, small notebooks covered in mod designs, brightly colored leather frames. But the real reason to go is owner James Carver, who takes gift wrapping to a whole new level. One of Carver’s creations mixes three kinds of ribbon, a subtly striped paper — and some dried okra. It’s stunning. Carver shares his know-how — as well as his collection of ribbons and more than 100 kinds of paper — at Thursday’s Father’s Day gift-wrap class from 7 to 8:30 p.m., dispensing tips for the wrap-unsavvy (with a “manly slant,” he claims) for the paternal holiday. The class costs $20 with an Aesthetica gift purchase or $30 without. Call 816-421-5455 to register. — Rebecca Braverman

Get Lit

FRI 6/17
This new trend of imbibing amid books? We think it’s brilliant. According to Night Ranger Jen Chen’s expert opinion, the Young Friends of the Kansas City Public Library’s kickoff event April 29 at the Plaza branch was fantastic fun (“Book It,” May 12). The Urban Culture Project aims for a similar triumph with its Third Friday party this weekend at the Downtown Central Library (14 West Tenth Street). Drinks are served on the rooftop from 5:30 to 8 p.m., providing a glamorous setting for bibliophiles to catch a buzz. Then sneak downstairs for some stacks action. Call 816-221-5115. — Annie Fischer

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