My cats destroyed Aggie Stackhaus’ Christmas tree

It’s true.

My mom bid on it at the Union Station auction.

My mom forgot about it.

My mom put up her own tree already.

My mom won the Aggie Stackhaus tree.

My mom met me at my place and asked me to take her to pick it up in my truck.

My mom then asked me to keep it at my place until I can get to her house in


My mom then proceeded to plug the tree in.

My mom then told me it was mine for the year.

Now, it’s in my living room.

Stackhaus named the tree “Victorian Dream.”

Stackhaus decorated it with pink bulbs, a pink Santa and lots of pink metal

ice cream cones.

My mom thinks I’m a pretty princess.

Stackhaus thinks “Victorian” means ice cream cones.

The tree lasted half of one night.

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