Music Journalists = Groupies?

Alex Trebek needs to get out more.
Either that, or the Jeopardy host at least needs consult Urban Dictionary before insinuating that his college contestants are banging band members on national television.

Lindsay Eanet, a competitor in Jeopardy’s College Championship, is a journalism major at the University of Missouri who aspires to be a music journalist. (A fine calling, if I may say so myself.) Eanet swept the early rounds of the tournament, advancing to the semi-finals where things got…weird. And by weird, we mean appallingly sexist.

According to L Magazine,

Lindsay, who attends the University of Missouri, shared a nice little story about how the movie Almost Famous made her want to be a music journalist, just like William Miller. Without missing a beat, Trebek was like, “Oh, so you want to be a groupie?” When Lindsay awkwardly explained that, no, she wanted to be, you know… a journalist, Trebek shrugged it off, mouthing to the camera once again, “a groupie.”

Wha? Really, Trebek?
It gets worse.

Occasional L Magazine contributor Jessica Suarez points out, via Twitter, “Wow she just swept the ‘band names’ category and Alex said, ‘Remember what i said earlier.’

St. Louis’ Riverfront Times music editor Annie Zaleski says it best.

Trebek making a flippant statement on national TV perpetuates the nasty

stereotype that women are only in music journalism to have sex with

musicians. It negates those of us who love music, enjoy thinking about

music, enjoy consuming music and like discovering amazing new bands. My job has its downsides — late nights, bad music, heavy workload — but

I also get to talk to some amazing people and tell their (hopefully

interesting) stories. Hearing someone dismiss female music journalists

as “groupies” makes me angry. Because of gender, our work isn’t being

perceived as thoughtful or intelligent discourse — and it isn’t

earning the same respect as articles penned by men. Instead, our

motivations are implied to be baser, vapid and driven by libido.

Eanet is keeping a blog of her experiences on Jeopardy. Here’s what she’s got to say about Trebek’s rampant display of sexist idiocy.

Alex made fun of me again. During the interview, when I explained how

the film Almost Famous inspired my passion for journalism, he insisted

that meant I wanted to become a groupie. I think what he thinks

“groupie” means is different from what it actually means. Or at least I

hope so.

Well. At least he didn’t call you a band-aid, Lindsay.

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