Ms. Pat on leaving the TV set for some time on a KC stage

What excites you most about going on tour? "Getting away from my husband, if we're being honest."
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Ms. Pat. // Photo by Mindy Tucker

Atlanta-born comedian Ms. Pat is bringing her iconic raw humor to Kansas City this March as a part of her American tour.

In addition to being the subject of various Netflix specials and interviews with people like Jimmy Kimmel, Ms. Pat’s season three of The Ms. Pat Show premiered Feb. 23rd on BET+. Here, she does what she’s known for: being unfiltered and brutually honest.

The Pitch sat down with the comedian and got the inside scoop on all things Ms. Pat, live show preparation, and even crazy fan experiences.

You can experience Ms. Pat for yourself March 17 and 18 at Kansas City Improv.

The Pitch: How did you get into comedy?

Ms. Pat: My case worker just thought I was really funny. They told me to go and do it, so I did, and the next thing you know, BAM. I didn’t think all of this was gonna happen. It was the first job I had and they didn’t check for a criminal background, so I was excited.

How would you describe what you do to someone who doesn’t know of you?

I make people laugh about crazy stuff most people are too scared to say out loud.

What do you want people to know about you?

If you come out to see me, just know I’m going to be honest. I’m going to say the things you want to say.

What is your process when you’re getting ready to go on stage?

Usually, I drink Coca-Cola for some energy because I’m 50. A little bit of caffeine is like drugs—it wakes me right up.

How much of your shows are planned out? How much are you just winging it?

I’d say about an hour and a half of it is planned. I like talking to the audience because you never know what’s gonna happen.

How often are you changing up your material?

About every 15 months. I don’t like going to the same city and hearing the same jokes. Nobody wants that. I don’t want to go see the same movie repeatedly.

How do you feel your approach to comedy has changed over time?

Well, I’ve grown older, so a lot has changed. Life has changed. I’m still married, but he’s balding.

What excites you most about going on tour?

Getting away from my husband, if we’re being honest.

Have you had any extra memorable experiences at shows?

Since I’ve gotten on TV, the fans have been a little crazy. Sometimes when I’m performing, they’ll be yelling out things that happened in the show. I’m like, this is the Ms. Pat stand-up show, not the TV show. Ya’ll didn’t pay to see me quote the TV show.

How has your experience been on tour so far?

It’s been great. I’m excited to see them just like they’re excited to see me. I just hope everyone walks away with a smile on their face and feels like they spent their money well when they spent it on Ms. Pat.

What advice would you give to aspiring comedians?

Don’t give up. This type of work will make you give up but stay focused on yourself. It’s so easy to be focused on who’s going to be the next hot thing. You will get that spotlight if you stay focused.

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