MP3: WHY?, “One Rose” (Alias Remix)

If you saw WHY?‘s show at the Jackpot last week and just couldn’t get enough, here’s a little something extra for you: a remix of WHY?’s “One Rose” by Alias.

WHY?’s original “One Rose” is a quiet, well-crafted, singer-songwriter-type of tune. Just like Yoni Wolf said-it’s not hip-hop, you guys. But those missing the beat of yore get a break as hip-hop producer Alias (Aesop Rock, Sage Francis) matches Wolf’s folksy bleating to Casio beeps in this swimmy little rework. It claps, it crests, it sways. And then, the Autotune kicks in!

Hop over to RCRD LBL and download the remix.

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