MP3: Relation, “Here Comes Your Man”

Usually, I am not a fan of “dance music,” especially the sort that comes with a pedigree that mentions London’s Southend. Everything dance these days seems to be reaching back to Depeche Mode or some other ’80s electronic act, and not doing it nearly as well, thus inviting unfavorable comparisons.

Relation‘s debut album, Fear of Night, does nothing to endear itself to me, and invites all of those unfavorable comparisons. You can listen to the whole thing at Urban Torque’s site.

However, it does contain a cover of the Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man,” which is just interesting enough to bear posting. Take a listen. The vocals and general construction remove the surf-rock urgency, replacing it with laid-back, morning-after synths, reminding me of the Soft Pink Truth‘s Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth? and the way it reimagined punk and hardcore songs like Minor Threat’s “Out of Step” into electronic deconstructions of themselves.

MP3: Relation, “Here Comes Your Man” (Pixies cover)

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