MP3: Of Montreal, “Brush Brush Brush”

The Yo Gabba Gabba soundtrack, Music Is Awesome, came out nearly two weeks ago, and nobody saw fit to let us know.

No, no — that’s fine. It’s only the coolest kids’ show since 321 Contact or the Electric Company. It’s not like I wanted to blast “Party In My Tummy” or anything like that while I was doing dishes or anything.

The soundtrack to Yo Gabba Gabba has all the original music from the series thus far, along with tunes from the Shins, Chromeo, Money Mark, and the Roots, as well as others. All the songs are perfect for your little ones, but not likely to annoy the ever-loving shit of you a la Raffi.

GOGO13‘s “Pick It Up” isn’t on there, though. Let’s hope for a Volume II at some point.

pick it up

Give it up NORM! | MySpace Video

MP3: Of Montreal, “Brush Brush Brush”

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