MP3: Mammoth Life, “Boy Blue, An American Lion”

Lawrence kaleidoscopic art pop act Mammoth Life recently returned from a trip to New York and the CMJ Music Marathon. As they’re settling back in to life in the Midwest, the group has begun recording new songs in hopes of soon completing their second full-length, An American Movement.

They are releasing their next single, “Boy Blue, An American Lion” sometime in December or January, in advance of the album’s drop in 2010. An American Movement was described thusly in a press release from the band:

A self described ‘spaghetti-pop, western opus’ about a character that goes by the name of Boy Blue…it is said, ‘Boy Blue can do anything that he wants to do.’ It is a romantic and introspective account about the author, but also a passionate and fanciful doctrine that asserts individuality, creativity, freedom acquired from knowledge, ego, critical thinking, perseverance and drive, tolerance for diversity, and attainment for this is to be an American movement.

“Boy Blue, An American Lion” will be on a single entitled Progress: The Metamorphosis Parts 1 and 2. The CD will be a limited pressing of 100, featuring the single (subtitled “{Part 2 – Perseverance and Drive}”), as well as the track “With Sanctity, Our Declaration {Part 1 – Progression}.”

MP3: Mammoth Life, “Boy Blue, An American Lion”

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