Movin’ On Up

Like a literature student advancing from introductory survey classes to graduate studies, Bloomsday Books (1518 Walnut) recently shed its paperback and fiction holdings and moved downtown to specialize in loftier pursuits. Now it deals primarily in hardcover books, mostly nonfiction rare and collectable editions. “We always wanted to go to higher-end hardbacks,” Tom Shawver says of his store’s shift in focus and location. “The time was just perfect to do it.” Shawver cites other stores’ cornering of the used fiction and paperback markets as well as the city center’s renaissance as reasons for the changes.

“We’re not pioneers,” Shawver says of Bloomsday’s move from the Crestwood shops in Brookside to the neighborhood surrounding 15th Street and Walnut, part of what he calls “the second wave” of businesses and residents to relocate amid the bustle of construction. How does he like the move so far? “We have a target audience downtown,” Shawver says. “And the rent is cheaper.” For store hours and information, call 816-421-8080. — Michael Vennard

What a Steal

SAT 4/16

Spring brings pretty flowers, chirping birds … and the sudden realization that we have way too much crap in our house. Luckily, new leaves on the trees signal the season of yard sales, where people actually pay to take our junk and give it a good home. Starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, the Passages Youth Center Rummage Sale (4007 Central) gladly accepts the flotsam clogging our storage units, turning that ill-conceived rollerblade purchase, for example, into a charitable contribution. The bargaining begins at noon, with proceeds benefiting the gay and lesbian youth support organization and events such as its weekly Club Queer and next month’s prom. With musical accompaniment from Get Wild Five and sales support by the black-and-blue women of the KC Roller Warriors, this should be a welcome change of pace from haggling over an ashtray with the guy in the too-short shorts. Call 816-931-0334 for information. — Christopher Sebela

Tax Machine
FRI 4/15

Like us, you’re a taxcrastinator. You wait until the last minute to complete your forms; then we see you on the 10 o’clock news, driving slooowly outside the post office to drop off your envelope while everyone watching thinks, Slacker. This year’s different, thanks to the Spring Fling Pub Crawl and Tax Relief Party. We’re getting our forms in early so that we’ll be responsibility-free at 6:30 p.m. Friday, when we’ll be transported by bus among the Cactus Café, The Schoolhouse, Harry’s Country Club, Granfalloon and Kelly’s. Tickets are $30 (available only online at; call 816-221-2078. — Jen Chen

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