Mountain Dew offers money for failed fishing attempts this Memorial Day weekend

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Did you try to learn to fish as a child and fail? Have you avoided the activity ever since in the hopes that you won’t embarrass yourself? To everyone who has ever sat frustrated for hours hoping they will get anything to bite, for once you will find yourself winning.

This Memorial Day weekend Mountain Dew is offering individuals the chance to win $20 if they don’t catch a fish. The event will begin Sat. May 28, at 9 a.m. and during the MTN Dew Opening Day Guarantee, those who can prove that they didn’t find themselves lucky with the catch will be able to cash in. 

“Anyone who’s ever picked up a fishing rod has a story of the one that got away,” says Julia Bomba, the Director of Brand Marketing at MTN Dew. “With the MTN Dew Opening Day Guarantee, let’s give that story an ending worth talking or tweeting about by rewarding your effort and love of the outdoors during one of the most anticipated weekends of the year.”

To enter, individuals must tweet a picture of their unsuccessful attempt, whether that be their bare hands, hooks, or coolers, and tag @MountainDew while using #DEWOpeningDayGiveaway. Any potential winners will be notified through direct messages on Twitter and the first 5,000 to confirm will receive $20 on Venmo.

No need to fear the family fishing trip this year, Mountain Dew has your back and is ready to make you the champion.

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