Morning 40 Federation

In 2002, some fifty years after rock got rolling, there are plenty of influences from which to draw. Whereas most of the bands on rock radio have tapped into the same shallow pool of early-’90s groups, underground acts often take the time to do their creative homework. Rarely, though, has anyone sought to resurrect the disparate ghosts of Spike Jones, Frank Zappa and P-Funk like New Orleans’ Morning 40 Federation. With a natural sense of rhythm that rivals Bootsy’s and a nasty sense of humor that would play well in Joe’s Garage, the Federation pays homage to the demons of the Crescent City. Since most of the MOFOFED’s members have been playing their instruments for only a few years, their tunes are the type of high-spirited, loose jams that certain icons have sought through “lost weekends.” The Morning 40 Federation has lost years, but it gets to relive them through its songs.

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