More Drunk Concert Reviewer, please

Scanning’s blogs today, I noticed a new arrival: Peterworth, Drunk Concert Reviewer. Peterworth. Awesome name.

Peterworth’s Andrew Bird review starts out clever and well-meaning, but it quickly descends into flatulence and, well, absence. That’s kind of why it’s funny — we’ve all been there. You go to a show really stoked to see the band and, like the man says, it’s six drinks later and you’re sloshed and happy and all bets are off as far as seriously evaluating the artistic merit of the presentation before you. But then the morning comes, and with it a deadline. You’ve got to salvage what’s left of your memory, compare it with the notes, and come up with something clever and informative.

Fuck that, Peterworth says. He’s like Lebowskian out there, taking care of things by being an unashamed slacker and drunk for our amusement and edification.

But he’s only done one concert so far. Pick it up, Peterworth!

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