Moonspell, Leaves’ Eyes and Atrocity are at the Riot Room tonight

Perhaps you are one of the fortunate few enjoying all the perks of being in a loving and committed relationship this Valentine’s Day, and you are deciding how best to spend the night with your significant other. More likely, you are endeavoring to find something that occupies your time on this most despised of all holidays (the liquor-and-ice-cream combination you and your cat enjoyed last year still fills you with shame).

Fear not. Portuguese death-metal band Moonspell will be bringing its gloomy, werewolf-themed horrors to the Riot Room on Friday night, so if you’re feeling particularly anti-love, this is an excellent option. Moonspell has been performing together for over two decades, and the band’s recent shows have featured highlights from its lengthy discography. Leaves’ Eyes and Atrocity open. 

Details here

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