Monsters of Metal

Jim Kilroy, show promoter extraordinaire and Club Wars mogul, presents a show called Monsters of Metal tomorrow night at the Uptown Theater. In keeping with the name, it is a monster of a show, with 14 bands. But how can you book 14 bands in one day, let alone at a show starting at 7?

I asked Kilroy, and this is what he had to say:

“2 stages. 25 minute sets. They put a stage in that front bar. I had a 2 stage show at the Uptown as part of the Mix 93 Battle of the Bands back in May. This is how I’m going to do all of my shows there now. I also booked a night called Oktoberfest there on Oct 2. We are going to put a small stage in the room they use for meet and greets and catering down by the main bar. I’m going to have 1 and 2 man Hip Hop acts on that stage.”

Say what you will about Kilroy — the Monsters of Metal show is gonna be cool. Check out the lineup:








Injected Element

Plague Of Sinai

At The Left Hand Of God

Everyday Chaos

Feast For Flesh

Every Bullet Needs Blood

Order Number Eleven

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