Monique Danielle

By this time, exercise programs have gone awry, diets have been abandoned, and discarded cigarettes have been fetched from the trash by would-be quitters, but Monique Danielle’s Resolution is holding up quite nicely. The Kansas City-based singer showcases her powerful voice over smooth, jazzy tracks concocted by producer Mark Thies. Most of the tunes have a lazy pace, but the album’s best song is its only actual ballad, the beautiful “When Was the Last Time.” On “One More Try” and “Factor That,” Thies introduces a flute to the mix, while several other tracks stir things up by adding a reggae/dance-hall flavor or jangly guitars. The only misfire on Resolution is the overly perky “Temptation,” which revives the late, unlamented skipping-vocal effect popularized by ’80s pop princess Stacey Q on her hit “Two of Hearts.” When given an easygoing backdrop, however, Danielle proves herself to be a promising vocal talent whose career should outlast all but the most earnest New Year’s vows.

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