Momoko Usami’s “Relics of the Deluge” on display at Beco Gallery this October

Momoko Usami Beco Gallery Exhibit 2021

Momoko Usami’s work on display at the Beco Gallery // Courtesy Beco Gallery

The Beco Gallery in the Crossroads will host a new exhibit, “Relics of the Deluge,” from Japanese artist Momoko Usami this October.

“[Usami’s] ceramic sculptures are beyond imaginative. She captures whimsical worlds with her drawings on porcelain. She addresses issues of greed and destruction, but also the natural cycle of life,” curator Elise Gagliardi says. 

The show was originally supposed to open in June of 2020, but the pandemic shelved those plans.

Inspired by events of the time and issues like climate change, Usami says “we are living in a historic moment.” 

“We have to rethink the concept of happiness, and the purpose of life. The proposition for an artist is how art can enrich our life, instead of buying a rich life with money. In this show, I attempt to capture urgent problems we face, wrapped in humor, and present in a whimsical way to seed ideas in the viewer’s mind. My work is a reflection of how I want to live, think in my everyday life,” Usami says.

Usami’s work can be found on her Etsy page.

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