Moby is one heck of a frustrating rock star. He’s Christian, vegan and friends with Kato Kaelin — reasons enough for Eminem to diss him on wax. And though the not-hurting-for-bucks Moby never met a commercial he didn’t like, he’s also just landed the biggest hit of his career with the soy-milk-smooth “We Are All Made of Stars.” That feat alone gives the spry, bald pixy a leg up on house pioneer Paul Oakenfold, who’s been slathered with critical praise practically since the first synth was sized but has yet to cross over to the American mainstream. Instead, Oakenfold works insidiously, sneaking into MTV’s culture club one soundtrack and remix at a time. Even if pairing these two titans in an open-air setting seems a bit off-target, it should make for — in every sense — one of the hottest nights of music this summer.

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