Mo. Rep. shows up in a facemask on House floor

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Missouri state Rep. Rob Schaaf is quite the statesman. First, he says paying for health care for poor kids is akin to slavery. Then he doesn’t really apologize — only because he really loves his slavery metaphor. Now, Prime Buzz reports that Schaaf showed up on the House floor in a facemask because, you know, he doesn’t want to catch swine flu.

Rep. Jason Brown wasn’t laughing and chastised Schaaf. Brown is from Platte County, site of the first probable case of swine flu in Missouri.

Never one to let a bad joke (or metaphor) go, Schaaf took the floor, encouraged people to wash their hands after coughing and sneezing and told schoolchildren to stay away from the Capitol for a couple of weeks. His colleagues booed him and House Speaker Ron Richard rebuked him. Classy, Rep. Schaaf.

Here’s hoping Jason Rosenbaum of Capitol Calling gets the audio, or better yet, the video.

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