MO Ho Justice Coalition advocates for queer sex workers in 10 day campaign

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A photo from MO Ho Justice Coalition’s retreat. // Image courtesy of Danielle Spradley.

For the third year in a row, Missouri’s chapter of the ACLU is putting on its Ten Days of Trans Demands campaign, which highlights ways that citizens and lawmakers alike can protect trans individuals in the state. This year, ACLU-MO is highlighting the work of the MO Ho Justice Coalition, which advocates for the safety and empowerment of queer sex workers.

With the work of MO Ho Justice, the Ten Days of Trans Demands is completely centered around sex work and protecting sex workers. The ten demands are as follows:

  1. Decriminalize sex work.
  2. Affirm publically that sex work is work.
  3. Defer to the wisdom and leadership of sex workers.
  4. Confront sex work stigma in your everyday life.
  5. End all law enforcement harassment.
  6. Reject the conflation of sex work with sex trafficking.
  7. Urgently support Black, Indigenous, and trans sex workers’ survival.
  8. Improve health outcomes by adopting policies that affirm sex work as labor.
  9. Oppose laws that endanger sex workers.
  10. Commit to meeting all workers’ access needs.

The ten days between now and December 10 will feature a number of events revolving around these themes, like access to MO Ho Justice’s monthly public meeting, Club Red Light live on Instagram, and an informational Expungement Clinic via Zoom.

“We encourage you to participate in this year’s #10Days campaign in any/all of the several ways, which are listed at the newly created site,,” MO Ho Justice Coalition founder Jay-Marie wrote in a press release. “In addition to reading the freshly launched report, you can make a Handmade Sign or Video in support of 10 Days of Trans Demands using the hashtags #ThankASexWorker #10DaysofTransDemands. You can also check out our Report Launch Event tonight, join us at a club red light on IG LIVE, or come find us on Live on ACLU-MO’s Youtube and Facebook on 12/10 for our Culminating Event with National Guests Ashley Wright & Kate D’Adamo.”

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