Mo. Gov. Nixon’s security kicks out Liberty Restoration Project. Did they get what they deserved?

Here’s the video of the Liberty Restoration Project getting bounced from Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s office. The “end the Fed” crowd wanted a meeting with the governor to talk about the Missouri Information Analysis Center report on the “The Modern Militia Movement,” which listed Ron Paul supporters and those who oppose abortion, the federal income tax and illegal immigration as potential threats to homeland security. Instead, they met Capitol security, who showed them the door.

The woman on the video is Liberty Restoration Project executive director Catherine Bleish. She comes off really bratty. I know she really wants answers and this is her fourth drop-in on the guv (even though the Missouri Department of Public Safety has already fallen on the sword for the report), but I doubt he’s feeling the camera crew. And damn, Bleish is whiny.

Anybody got a feeling on this?

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