Mmm, Mmm, Good

Man has been boiling meat and veggies for about 5,000 years now, but it wasn’t until some Neolithic primitive had a flash of genius and invented the spoon that the age of soup began. A few thousand years and countless varieties of the runny stuff later, man gets the next step in the evolution of boiled cuisine — Bowling for Soup.

These four crackups from Wichita Falls, Texas, would be pretty easy to pick on, what with their catchy harmonies, crackling guitars and bratty attitude. But they’re just too damned cool to get mad at. Bowling for Soup is more interested in having fun than in some abstract notion of “indie cred” or getting nominated for a Grammy. Oh, wait, it was nominated for a Grammy. Never mind. Still, some have mistakenly believed that the band’s name is just a silly effort to elicit laughs from fans. But these guys are for real — honest-to-goodness consomm√© connoisseurs.

Frontman Jaret Reddick and guitarist Chris Burney recently revealed to the Pitch some of their ancient secrets, along with some of their favorite soups.

Reddick: Cream of mushroom, because it’s good with everything. It’s neither soup nor cream, but you can put it on anything, and it makes it better. I think you could put LifeSavers in it, and it’d still be good.

Burney: Wisconsin cheese. This is the best of all there is — Wisconsin cheese soup. Liquid cheese. Mmm … delicious.

Reddick: Chicken double noodle. Chicken noodle is the old standby. More importantly, double noodle. I mean, it’s double noodle. It’s edgy. It’s delicious and one of those things you can eat when you’re sick.

Burney: Tomato-basil. It’s a tasty combination of tomato and basil. It’s a good, lasting marriage.

Burney: Tom kah gai. It’s a lemongrass and coconut Thai soup. It’s delicious. I mean, megadelicious.

Reddick: Campbell’s vegetable soup. It’s funny because I don’t like vegetables, but for some reason, that Campbell’s vegetable soup is on, man. And sometimes, it even spells a word, which is good for a chuckle when you’re having your lunch.

Burney: Sweet-and-sour. Anytime you’re sick or have a cold, eat some sweet-and-sour soup. It’ll cheer you up much better than chicken noodle will.

Burney: Chicken tortilla. Always a winner. Liquid enchiladas, basically. It’s a good one if you’re in the mood for something spicy, to kick it up a notch.

Reddick: SpaghettiOs. I don’t know if this qualifies as a soup, but I’m going with a can of SpaghettiOs. After all, it’s canned like a soup. But that stuff’s delicious, especially those little meatballs. I think they should just can those meatballs, to be honest.

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