Mmm … Brains

Saturday movies at the Brick (1727 McGee) are a long-standing tradition, but owner Sheri Parr now offers a theme that you can really sink your teeth into. “Dinner and a Movie Night” is now Gore-B-Que, which includes a $6.95 barbecue dinner, beer specials and some walking corpses with an insatiable lust for guts. Tonight, the Brick serves up ribs and all the fixings while showing 1987’s Redneck Zombies. This little-known horror gem tells the story of a group of good-natured backwoods folk who come across a barrel of nuclear waste that they add to their moonshine. The swill turns the hicks into “tobacco-chewing, flesh-eating, cannibal kinfolk from hell,” according to When a group of city slickers arrives for a camping trip in redneck zombie town, dismemberment ensues. The free show starts at 5; call 816-421-1634.

Saturdays, 7-9 p.m., 2006