Missouri’s top 10 consumer complaints and scams from 2010: Debt collectors are No. 1!

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster released the top 10

consumer complaints and scams reported to his office in 2010.  The

leading complaint came against, drum roll, debt collectors! Go figure that in

a recession, debt collectors would rank high. The AG’s office received more than 2,200 calls complaining about debt collectors (sorry, unnamed credit-card company).

“Even though you may be responsible for the debt the collectors are calling about, there are federal laws governing just how far the debt collector can go,” Koster said in a statement.  “Your best protection against harassing and abusive calls from debt collectors is to know your rights. The Federal Trade Commission’s Debt Collection FAQs:  A Guide for Consumers can be found on their website at www.ftc.gov.” Was Joe Strummer ever wrong? Know your rights! The rest of the top 10 after the jump.

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