Missouri town kindly asks the University of Kansas to drop ‘Jayhawks’ nickname for celebrating domestic terrorism

  • Does this Jayhawk offend your sensibilities?

The people of Osceola, Missouri, are still butt hurt over Jayhawkers raiding their town 150 years ago. The Columbia Daily Tribune is reporting that the town’s board of aldermen passed a resolution Tuesday requesting that the University of Kansas drop its “Jayhawks” nickname and end the school’s supposed association with “a group of domestic terrorists.” As if William Quantrill’s burning of Lawrence to the ground isn’t celebrated.

Don’t think for a second that Osceola’s leaders aren’t petty people who would refer to KU as an institution of “higher learning” (their quotes, not mine) or request that “no citizen of the City of Osceola or the alumni of the University of Missouri shall ever capitalize the ‘k’ in ‘kansas’ or ‘ku,’ as neither is a proper name or a proper place.” Not petty at all.

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