Missouri task force wants to free state from the smell of… well, you know what

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A Missouri task force wants to buy back all the stinky Callery pear trees in St. Louis. // Image courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden

So…you know that smell that’s normally present in the air every spring? A Missouri task force plans to do something about that.

The Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force is collaborating with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri and BiodiverseCity St. Louis to free St. Louis of the “foul-smelling” Callery pear trees known by various other less pleasant names. The task force will buy the trees beginning April 20 and replace them with other ecologically-friendly trees.

It’s almost a rite of passage that each year, people new to Missouri find themselves near these trees. Then go to social media to say…. “Hey… uh… is it weird that I think that it smells like….” and then everyone says “Yes, that is what they smell like.”

Ejaculate. That’s what they smell like. We can all agree but it is difficult to discuss. That said: let’s get rid of that tree.

Through the program, Missourians can register to cut down one of these trees and replace it with a tree of their choosing. After providing a photo of the chopped down tree, participants can pick up their replacement tree at the Forest ReLeaf Comunitree Gardens Nursery. The event serves as an opportunity to raise awareness to the negative impact Callery pear trees have on the environment, aside from their terrible smell.

Missouri residents who have one of these trees in their yard can register here to give it a whack.

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