Missouri Republican Senate candidates don’t know the minimum wage; vow to not increase it

As we’ve covered in the past, the GOP really wants to unseat Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill this fall. Conservative super PAC American Crossroads has already put up a billboard reminding voters of Planegate, and made ads about the senator’s votes that sound like news reports. Other times, nonpartisan groups have dinged McCaskill for less-than-hot-button issues, like being too soft on air pollution.

For the most part, McCaskill and state Democrats have kept a low and positive profile. But over the weekend, Missouri Democrats released what could, maybe, be called their first attack ad. Really, it’s nothing more than debate footage from Friday that shows all three Republicans running for McCaskill’s seat — former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman, businessman John Brunner and 2nd District Rep. Todd Akin — acknowledging that they don’t know what the minimum wage is. They all did, however, say they wouldn’t support increasing it. The only one to come away looking competent (if ignorant) is Brunner, who says that although he doesn’t know the minimum wage, he paid his employees more than the minimum wage when he ran his family’s hygiene-products company. Running for office is hard, man.

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