Missouri ranks near last in a study of school reopening safety

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In a recent study conducted by the survey website WalletHub.com, it found that the Missouri school system ranked 44 out of 50 in the safest states for schools to reopen.

With students going back to class amid a pandemic, classrooms are now online, in person, or a hybrid of both. However, with in-person classes and a statewide spike, the threat of growing COVID-19 cases has become a reality rather than a concern.

The study looked at which states have the safest conditions for reopening schools, comparing all 50 states by the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 kids who contracted the virus. WalletHub also used the average class size in the states and factoring in the ratio of students to school nurses. 

Here’s what the data showed regarding Missouri: 

Missouri is 45th in the likelihood of COVID-19 Infections, 33rd in the safety of K-12 Public School Students Transported Through School Transportation, and 47th in COVID-19 cases in the last seven days per 100,000 residents. 

As of September 30th, Missouri currently has 129,170 cases, with 2,146 deaths. A breakdown of cases from different school districts can be found hereOne of the contributing factors to states having higher infection rates is the amount of funding that goes into each state’s education system.

Lack of money being put into Missouri’s education, as well as lack of precautions, have made school deadlier for children than 43 other states. 

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WalletHub infographic.

You can also see how WalletHub conducted this study in more detail here. 

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