Missouri Poison Control calls Show-Me State the ‘epicenter’ of the K2 ‘epidemic’

As K2 synthetic marijuana makes its way around the country, more and more media outlets are picking up the story, and this morning USA Today released its take on the compound, including a good dose of the typical drug hysteria bullshit — thanks to the Missouri Poison Center’s Anthony Scalzo:

Anthony Scalzo, director of the Missouri Poison Center in St. Louis, notified poison centers nationwide about K2 the first week of February after doctors in Missouri reported patients sickened from it.

“At first we had about a dozen cases, but then it really blossomed. By the first week of April, we had 40 cases,” Scalzo says. “Missouri remains the epicenter, but it’s spreading out.”

Poison Centers nationwide have reported 352 cases in 35 states since the initial report, he says. Patients often have a rapid heart rate, dangerously high blood pressure and sometimes hallucinations or paranoia.

Want to know why those symptoms sound so familiar?

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