Missouri lawmakers will be going on a “masks optional” bus tour of the state as COVID-19 cases soar

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Gov. Mike Parson speaks to the media outside of his Missouri Capitol office. // Courtesy of the Missouri Governor’s Office

For newly elected lawmakers in the Missouri House, it is a tradition to depart on a bus tour across the state once every two years. This year, there will be two buses: one requires masks and the other says they’re optional.

This seems to be somewhat of a theme with Missouri’s elected officials, as Governor Mike Parson is not an enthusiastic mask-wearer, despite claiming the opposite. Even after he contracted the coronavirus. We were sure to fact-check this.

This exciting super-spreader cross-state journey will take place from November 30-December 4, and then pick back up from Decmber 7-11. There is no set itinerary yet for the trip, but keep your eyes peeled for the “masks optional” bus in your hometown, and be sure to steer clear.

“Yes, there will be two buses,” Dana Rademan Miller, chief clerk of the House, wrote in an email, already doubling down on the ridiculousness of this statement. “Yes, one masks mandatory and one masks optional.”

“We will also be conducting daily temperature checks and have instructed all who attend that there may be certain facilities that are part of the tour where face coverings and health screenings will be required,” she says.

The state of Missouri has had an average of 3,692.9 new COVID-19 cases per day for the last 7 days, according to the New York Times, bringing the total for the state to 221,735 cases.

Look, no one is saying the new lawmakers of Missouri should cancel an opportunity to connect themselves with residents across the state, and learn more about their new constituents. It just seems like requiring masks on the bus would be the bare minimum for this trip—at a time when leadership is claiming they’ve been pro-mask since Day One.

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